About Us...

Particle Solutions, LLC was incorporated in 2002. Our Material Science Engineers have twenty years of experience producing sol-gel based products for commercial and research applications. Our engineers are highly skilled in the sol-gel process for a wide variety of applications and products.  Please contact us and allow our engineers to develop a solution to your company's silica product needs.

Since 2002, Particle Solutions, LLC has been producing bulk quantities of monodispersed silica powders called Angstromsphere.  This product is sold through our distributor Fiber Optic Center, Inc

In 2010, we introduced Angstrompore, a line of controlled pore glass and near dense doped glass monolith products, to complement our line of silica powders.   Particle Solutions, LLC sells the porous and doped silica products directly to our customers. 

Particle Solutions, LLC is located near the University of Florida. We use many of the fine characterization tools that are available for industry located at the Particulate Engineering Research Center (PERC) and the Major Analytical Instrumentation Center (MAIC)